We've already hit 70 across the state, and there are still a few more hours of warming to go! We'll see some towns get into the upper 70s which is near record setting. Skies will remain partly cloudy tonight. Before sunrise, there is a chance of a spot shower as the cold front rolls through, but the forecast remains mostly dry through the weekend!


Yesterday was quite a day! Under a mostly sunny sky, temperatures peaked in the mid-70s across the state, well above average (by over 15°).  In fact, at Bridgeport, the record for October 20th of 75 from 1952 was broken, as the mercury hit 77!

This morning, we are starting off with temperatures mostly in the 50s, although along the shoreline we have a couple 60 degree temps. It is going to be another nice and sunny day- with a little more cloud cover than yesterday. Temperatures will once again be above average and in the 70s-- However, we aren't expecting to break any records as the record in Hartford stands of 82 degrees  (from 1920) and the one for Bridgeport of 78 (from 1963) looks like they will stay put.

A cold front moves through the region tonight into early Friday that will spread cloud cover across our state and we could even see a sprinkle or spot shower, but for the most part we stay dry. Friday is another great day with temperatures in the upper 60s, so still above average for this time of year! We will see a mix of sun and clouds.


The weekend will feature more fall-like temperatures. On Saturday, it looks like we won't get out of the upper 50s and Sunday will be in the low 60s. Saturday will be mostly cloudy with the chance for some showers in the evening into Sunday morning. Sunday the sunshine will return and it will be a nice day to get outside!


After Sunday, we are flirting with high temperatures only in the 50s for next week. That's close to what our low temperatures are right now! We are tracking potential for some showers Monday morning. It is possible that some of those showers and rain could linger through the day. We are watching a low pressure system that is still expected to remain to the south of us early next week. But, depending on how far north it goes, it could bring some additional rainfall for early week. For now, we’re going optimistically dry.  

Also-- for next week we’re also tracking what could  be the coldest air mass to overspread the region since spring. We’re currently forecasting highs in the 50s, with lows in the 30s!  The last time the Hartford Area had a temperature in the 30s was over 5 months ago, on May 14th!

 Lorin Richardson



September went into the record books as a wet and mild month.  Rainfall for the Greater Hartford Area was 6.81”, which is 2.42” above normal.  It was the 17th wettest September on record.  The wettest September on record was in 1938, when rainfall totaled 14.59”.  For Bridgeport, this was the 2nd wettest September on record with 8.38” of rain!  The wettest September on record was just 3 years ago, in 2018, when rainfall totaled 8.59”.

The average temperature this September for the Greater Hartford Area was 66.1 degrees, which is 1.3 degrees above normal.  The average temperature in Bridgeport was 69.8 degrees, which is 2.2 degrees above normal.


2021 has been a very wet year across the state of Connecticut.  For the Greater Hartford Area, total precipitation year-to-date is now up to 47.68”.  If we don’t get another drop of rain or any snow between now and December 31st, this year will still go into the record books as a wetter than normal year!  During a normal, or average, year we receive 47.05” of precipitation.  This includes rainfall and the water equivalent of snow and ice.  However, we still have a long way to go to challenge the wettest year on record.  That was 2011 when we received 69.23” of precipitation!  There have been 7 years since records began in 1905 where total precipitation has exceeded 60.0”.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens during the rest of October, November, and December.  We have to receive nearly 22” of precipitation to challenge the all-time record!


“Copyright 2021 WFSB (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved”

Copyright 2021 WFSB (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved


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The center of Henri has been wandering around in New York State Monday and now (about 6 PM) has come back into Connecticut.


Spell check....not the same as proofreading. objects in your YARD (not hard) and you want FUEL for your generator (not full).


It looks like two trees fell on Rainbow Road in Windsor, one of them on a car. I haven’t heard of any injuries. The car looks to be totaled.

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