(WSOC/CNN/Meredith) -- Authorities are trying to figure out why a 12-year-old boy celebrating his birthday fell to his death Wednesday night while rock climbing at a trampoline park near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Neighbors said Matthew Lu, a newly-turned 12-year-old and Cramerton Middle School student, was as an adventurous kid who had the kind of personality everyone cherished.

Lu was on the clip-and-climb rock wall at Altitude Trampoline Park when he fell 10 to 15 feet.

The trampoline park said Lu was wearing a properly fit safety harness and he was instructed on how to use the equipment.

Not much is known right now about the fall that killed him.

The owners say their facility is safe, but there appears to be no governmental oversight ensuring that is the case.

WSOC has investigated in the past and found that trampoline parks are not regulated by the state.

Altitude Trampoline Park corporate management, the manufacturer, insurance agents and third-party investigators are going through surveillance video and interviewing people.

Courtney Wilde with Altitude Trampoline Park said the company is taking Lu’s death very seriously and is consulting experts to see what they can do to prevent this from happening again.

“We do have certified safety monitors here that are going through and checking every latch, every harness, every clip,” Wilde said.

The company said the equipment is inspected whenever a staff member comes on his or her shift.

Right now, the focus is on finding out how this tragedy happened and how to make sure it never happens again.

“A primary concern is of course making sure our thoughts and prayers are with the family and ensuring the safety of all of our guests as well as our staff,” Wilde said.

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