Miller Greenfield

11-year-old Miller Greenfield lived out his dream today, becoming a Sacramento police officer.

Sacramento, CA (KOVR) -- 11-year-old Miller Greenfield lived out his dream today, becoming a Sacramento police officer.

Chief Daniel Hahn surprised Greenfield this morning, rolling out the red carpet for his newest recruit.

Miller’s dad, Johnny, points to a poster of police officers and says, “That’s his favorite sports team. It’s not basketball or football or soccer. It’s these guys.”

At just 4-years-old, Miller had a stroke. Doctors later diagnosed him with dystonia-deafness syndrome, a disease so rare there are only seven documented cases of it in the world.

But one look at the smile on Miller’s face makes it clear that suiting up in a tailor-made uniform for a day of police training makes him feel invincible.

“He’s truly over the moon,” says Miller’s mom, Jessica. “I think he’s going to be in that cadet uniform for the next year or so.”

Friends and fellow students at Mariemont Elementary School made sure to send him off in style, cheering him on,

“As we were driving, he was learning how to use the sirens and the PA system,” says Chief Hahn.”We’re just happy we can make his day.”

Once he got to the academy, Miller went through a crime scene simulator and target practice. He even cuffed a suspect, wanted for stealing doughnuts.

Miller says his favorite part of the day was learning how to operate everything inside the police patrol car.

And now that Miller is part of the Sacramento Police family, Chief Hahn has invited him to the graduation ceremony for the recruiting class he met today.

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