Glastonbury couple officially adopts son on National Adoption Day

Family adopts boy on National Adoption Day
Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 7:08 PM EST
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GLASTONBURY, CT (WFSB) - A Glastonbury couple is marking a significant milestone.

They just spent their first official weekend with their son.

He’s lived with them for the past year, but it became legal on National Adoption Day this past Friday.

When something is lacking from your life, you’ll try every tool to fill that hole.

“We had four failed rounds of IVF and you know we just wanted to have a child one way or the other,” said Lori.

As Lori and Jay Catubig signed up for foster care, the missing piece was on his way.

“We came back from a trip and a few weeks later got the call for him,” Lori said.

A tiny 1-year-old removed from his home, Elias needed a family with the tools to help him thrive.

“He has what’s called Erb’s palsy basically when he was born with his arm was essentially a noodle,” said Lori.

Building their lives with a toddler.

“He likes his drill he loves tools he calls them tootles,” said said Jay and Lori.

The empty spaces were filling up with new toys, new people, and new names.

“Being a mom and a dad are just like the best titles we’ve ever had,” said Lori.

“I don’t see him as anything different, that’s my kid,” said Jay.

The last tool needed to complete the family unit was the bang of a courtroom gavel.

“I don’t think he realizes the significance of the day,” Lori said.

With a network of friends and family looking on, the Catubig family got bigger and Elias was adopted.

“I didn’t really hit me until we were here and it was like wow,” Jay said.

“We just know how loved he is and how loved we are and how supported we were the whole time,” said Lori.

People have different needs and require different tools to make their lives complete.

DNA may not have been the building blocks of this family, but that doesn’t matter when love is the foundation.

“Everybody said he’s the luckiest little boy but I say we are the lucky ones because he is the perfect child for us,” said Lori.