EAST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - As this Stop and Shop strike continues, viewer emails have been pouring into our newsroom.

Many people have reached out to Channel 3 about the supermarket's grocery delivery service called PeaPod, and why people heavily rely on it.

Because of the strike, delivery is very limited.

Many people who reached out to Channel 3 say they're disabled, they can't drive, and need their food delivered to their door.

If you're one of many customers who rely on Stop and Shops PeaPod delivery, you're not alone.

There are PeaPod trucks parked side-by-side at the East Hartford Stop and Shop parking lot.

But, there are other options readily available.

Channel 3 compared Whole Foods, Highland Park Market and ShopRite.

Three basics items were added to the shopping cart; a gallon of whole milk, a dozen of eggs, and white bread.

Whole Foods delivers through Amazon Prime.

You have to sign up for Amazon Prime to join.

The total for milk, eggs and bread was just over 11 dollars.

There is no delivery fee, but a 10 percent tip for the driver is recommended.

Now onto Highland Park Market.

The three items came to a little more than $11.50, but there is a minimum order of 30 dollars. Delivery costs are between 6 and 20 dollars.

ShopRite is also another option. They use a service called ShopRite At Home and “Insta Cart.”

ShopRite's total for all three items was a little more than $6 but their minimum order is 10 dollars.

Delivery is about 4 dollars. There's free delivery over 35 dollars.

Channel also took a look at pricing on Stop and Shop’s website. The price for all three items was almost 5 dollars.

Delivery is $9.95.

The company mentions there is service interruption right on their webpage.

"I went online trying to find another place that was close by and there's nothing else available," said Ric Silver of Groton. 

Silver is grateful his neighbor's aide has offered some help, but doesn't know how long that could go on for. 

"I've been making lots of yogurt," Silver said. 

That's because a deal with these workers hasn't been reached.

Channel 3 went to a few Stop and Shops on Tuesday; some workers tell said managers kicked them off the property.

So, they are picketing at the entrances.

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