State lawmaker receives backlash after domestic violence comments

State Rep. Craig Fishbein is receiving backlash after the comments he made about domestic violence (WFSB)

Comments by a state lawmaker on domestic violence have caused a backlash of criticism.

Lawmakers in the House were debating the "dual arrest" bill, which prevents victims from being arrested if they fight back in self-defense if they are not the "dominant aggressor."

Republican State Representative Craig Fishbein was the only one who voted against the bill, and his remarks have outraged other lawmakers and domestic violence groups.

Fishbein who is also a family law attorney said, "I can tell you from the divorces that I do, which are many, sometimes domestic violence is arranged, involved, and sometimes it’s appalling."

"I personally was appalled by the remarks too. That's something Rep Fishbein has to answer for,” said House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz.

Rep. Fishbein did not want to comment on camera, but told Channel 3 in a statement, "sometimes people make things up in divorces. Perhaps I should have chosen my words more carefully.”

"The concern is these kinds of comments are not helpful to the public dialogue around the seriousness of domestic violence,” said Karen Jarmoc, CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Domestic violence groups are disappointed but say this issue is not always taken seriously.

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