BERLIN, CT (WFSB) -- Gov. Ned Lamont attended a groundbreaking ceremony for Steele Boulevard in Berlin on Wednesday morning.

It’s part of an $18 million transit development near the Berlin Train Station.

The Boulevard will connect the Steele Center to Farmington Avenue, and the station’s parking lot. It’ll feature apartments, a medical office, restaurant, and retail space.

During the ceremony, Lamont was interrupted several times by people shouting from the crowd, in response to the governor’s executive orders.

One man called out to the governor telling him to reopen the state.

Another asked who would be getting a $500 fine on Wednesday, referring to the size of the crowd at the groundbreaking ceremony.

In response to the interruptions, Lamont said at one point “If you think being incredibly rude is helping your cause, I think you’re wrong.”

On Tuesday evening, Lamont signed a new executive order that will fine people for not wearing a mask or face covering. It will also fine people for organizing or participating in a large gathering.

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(10) comments

Turtle Godfather

Ned hasn't seen rude yet. Who is ready to march on the capitol?


Slow start on the marching? Really taking that turtle thing seriously I guess.


schedule it


Ah yes, do as I say not as I do Lamont. And getting called out at a public event for his buffoonery. Don't worry, I'm sure someone will step up to defend "His excellency Governaut Ned" I'm fully waiting for our dear defender of the "Fake name posting profiles his heir to the throne of witty and poorly verbose replies Brian Duffy" to show up and eschew more babble stating that clearly if these people were not so rude, maybe he would listen etc.

Brian C. Duffy

Gonna march on the Capitol with the Turtle? Make sure to wear your masks both of you lads so you can maintain your safe anonymity and heckle away. Pathetic. Even the gun toters show up face first, I'll give them that much.


So I see you also oppose the mask mandate.

Turtle Godfather

Who says I'm not both. I won't be anonymous. I'm looking to get cited for Organizing a gathering.

Brian C. Duffy

Correct. You can change your screen name at will and become multiple posters. The cowardly deceit of the anonymous. Why the low self esteem? Easy to pull the head back into the shell.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


Brian, do you often wear a brown shirt? And support any and all political commentary by someone whom has so far over reached his power and is now looking to use fellow citizens to sow distrust among their own community of who will be the town snitch/Sturmabteilung?

Brian C. Duffy

Nope. I'm among the 65% of CT voters who approve of Lamont's handling of the pandemic. He's fourth among the nations' governors. The 3 ahead of him are called RINOs by your ilk. Who are you and why are you afraid of?

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