HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - The legislative session is over, and despite criticism over new taxes, the governor and Democrats say there were plenty of accomplishments.

Paid family leave and raising the minimum wage passed.

The budget also closes the gap of a $3.7 billion deficit.

Overall, the governor and Democrats seem pleased about the past four months.

They were able to work together on a few things, but some tough issues like tolls are still out there.

"I was going to share with you my 10-point transportation plan this evening, but Annie suggested that may not be such a great idea,” Gov. Ned Lamont said in his speech to the General Assembly just after midnight on Thursday.

He highlighted the fact that lawmakers were able to agree upon a balanced budget.

“Getting a balanced budget done on time, that is so important,” Lamont said.

Along with the budget, lawmakers voted to raise the age to 21 for all tobacco and vaping products, extend the statute of limitations for sexual assault crimes, and provide funding for job training and maintains funding for cities and towns.

In his post session wrap-up, Gov. Lamont said he was also pleased about plans for wind generation, but disappointed lawmakers couldn't pass legislation for affordable health care.

Lamont remains laser focused on transportation, and what it would bring to CT.

He want not able to get a vote on tolls in the regular session, so a special session is the next option. 

"What you want is good paying jobs, not just you but a place your kids have a real opportunity and I know you're not going to be able to do that without fixing transportation,” Lamont said.

House Democrats say the budget agreement moves the state forward, despite some new tax increases.

"Bi-partisan negotiations bringing Len and Themis and Vinnie into the room and Kevin Witkos, don't hold out hope we can't get there,” said Democratic State Rep. and Majority Leader Matt Ritter.

“At best, tolls are a 50/50 proposition in the state, and those that are working very hard to disrupt that are putting a lot of misinformation out there,” said Democratic State Rep. Joe Aresimowicz, House Speaker.

While Republicans favor borrowing for transportation, they’re optimistic they can negotiate on tolls.

Traditionally, all parties have a post-session wrap-up, however Senate and House Republicans did not do that on Thursday.

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(2) comments

Jules Winnfield

These overpaid bums should be working every day of the year until this state is in the black. So sick of my tax dollars going to people who can't work hard for the people they vowed to serve. It's time for some serious change in politics, including term limits.


Exactly! Also for protecting illegals Lamont and all those who voted to not work with ICE should be arrested for treason and held legally and financially as accomplices for any crimes committed by the illegals!

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