HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- With the new budget passed by the General Assembly, shoppers will see a $0.10 fee on single-use plastic bags at checkout.

The fee will go into effect this August, and was included in the two-year budget recently approved by lawmakers.

It requires stores to start charging $0.10 for plastic bags.

Will you continue to use plastic bags once the new fee goes into effect? Click here to vote in our poll.

Will you continue to use plastic bags once the new fee goes into effect?

You voted:

After July 1, 2021, a ban on plastic bags will be implemented.

Once that happens, no retail or grocery store will be permitted to distribute single-use plastic bags at checkout.

Grocery stores like West Side Market in Rocky Hill said this will cost them more, as they'll have to buy paper bags, which cost much more than plastic.

The $0.10 fee will go to the state, which expects to collect $55 million until June 2021.

The added cost is an incentive to get people to bring their own bags.

The CT Food Association said more people are bringing their own bags, but it's still a small percentage.

"Most people are going to have a charge on plastic, a 10 cent charge going to the state. Retailers will decide based on their model what to do about the paper piece," said Wayne Pesce, of the CT Food Association.

"I would do it. I should be doing it. It's better. I see them flying around the street, its not good," said Scott Farber, of Rocky Hill.

Some of the larger stores like Walmart and Target may be able to cover the cost and not charge customers $0.10 per bag, but some of the smaller stores may have to.

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(4) comments


This is a way to get the people of CT poorer that is what our current government is about in CT. It is not about helping the people live more comfortable and be happy to live in CT. CT is a disgusting state for of taxes and this governor is all about mire and more taxes. We should not have to pay for our bags not going to do a thing there is so much garbage our there on roads and streets and don't see plastic bags out there cause most people like myself recycle them to use as little trash bags for little wastebaskets to use to carry my lunch, to use to give people I know things. And when they go to dump they get buried not in ocean, just the good of state of CT another tax. And why so high it could be 2 cents, 4 cents, 5 cents, no 10cents. And we should not have to pay for paper bags in the stores we shop as long as you purchase something should get paper bags for free too, like in Trader Joe's, Bed and Bath, UConn gift shop, Highland market, and we don't have to pay for them you do business with the business they supply you with a bag to carry your purchase home. Funny don't see my paycheck going way up to cover these costs. No cost of living raises in most businesses and the politicians and legislators sure get their cost of living raises. it is the rich making these decisions for us middle class that cant afford all these added fees and costs. I don't live in a million dollar home like most of our politicians of CT and I don't have guards and free everything like they do. They should be ashamed of themselves.


Another futile attempt by the Democrats in Hartford to hide an additional tax on Connecticut consumers, all under the guise of environmentalism. If banning them is such a good idea, then why not do it right now?


Even the bottle deposit which were supposed to help the state budget way way back is only 5 cents. For a plastic bag should only be 5 cents. And some towns can charge for paper bags. These is crazy cause we are buying things at their store should provide bags. And in retail will be shoplifting and how about when you return without a receipt, I think I will buy a box of disposable tiny garbage bags and use those and throw out in trash when I am done, I loved the plastic bags at stores I recycled them all the time to use for things. More money for state of CT and still CT will not have money same story till the government cuts down their spending.


what about PLASTIC water,shampoo,soda,ketchup,mayo,milk bottles. if you are going to ban bags there are alot more plastic to ban

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