WATERTOWN, CT (WFSB) – Two teens, a brother and sister, are dead after they were shot by their mother's boyfriend in Watertown Tuesday night.

The victims were identified as 15-year-old Della Jette and 16-year-old Sterling Jette Jr. They were both students at Kaynor Technical High School in Waterbury.

Police said they were shot by 42-year-old Paul Ferguson. He shot himself in the head after shooting the two teens.

Officers were called to the home on Litchfield Road, or Route 63, after a woman said her boyfriend shot her son and daughter around 9:45 p.m.

Police said they found the two teenagers suffering from life-threatening gunshot wounds. The teens were taken to Waterbury Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Officers said Ferguson was pronounced dead at the scene.

The victims' mother was also on the scene, but was not hurt.

Officers were still seen scouring the scene on Wednesday.

According to police, Della Jette came home from a school field trip Tuesday evening and complained to her mother about Ferguson's smoking habits inside of the house. The conversation led to an argument between Della Jette and Ferguson.

“They were simply having a verbal dustup," said Chief John Gavallas, Watertown police. "[Ferguson] walked out of the room, came back with a gun and she was shocked, absolutely shocked. These domestic incidents can turn violent so quickly. [It's] extremely unfortunate, dealing with two young victims.”

Ferguson armed himself with a glock, at which point Sterling Jette intervened.

Police said Ferguson at first shot Sterling Jette in the leg.

The teens' mother ran out of the room to retrieve a phone to call for help.

That's when police said she heard another shot, which turned out to be Ferguson shooting Della Jette in the chest out of the back deck of the home.

Ferguson then went back into the home and shot Sterling Jette in the chest, investigators said.

The shooter then closed himself in a bedroom and shot himself.

The mother was said to be cooperating with the investigation.

Police described Ferguson as a convicted felon who was not supposed to be in possession of a firearm. They said the conviction involved spousal sexual assault, but he pleaded down to unlawful restraint. Further details about that case were not released.

Officers said Ferguson had been dating the victims' mother and moved into the home about two weeks ago.

Channel 3 was first on scene Tuesday night as police officers started investigating.

Officers also found a number of guns in the house. They said Ferguson had access to a safe.

The Watertown Police Department Detective Division said it is investigating the incident with the assistance of the Connecticut State Police Major Crime Squad.

Friends, peers remember brother and sister killed

On Wednesday, a memorial was set up outside a landscaping business where Sterling Jette worked, Evergreen Lawn and Landscape.

Friends of the two teenagers said they can't wrap their heads around why this happened.

"Him and his sister didn't deserve this," said Garrett Kowalski, a friend. He added he'll miss Sterling's presence and how he could make anyone laugh.

"She's a really sweet girl, she nice. Once you meet her, you would love her because she's so sweet. And is really caring," said Alivia Brophy, a friend of Della's.

Sterling and Kowalski worked together at the landscaping business since March. Kowalski said he had just seen Sterling Tuesday night. They had both been out shoveling.

"We were just hanging out like we usually do. If we weren't hanging out we were working together. We were like two peas in a pods. We were always together," Kowalski said.

"Garrett and him had a vehicle and they were going around in charge of all the apartments and condos and spent the last 36 hours together," said Collin Sieracki, of Evergreen Lawn and Landscape.

Sterling got his license over the summer and loved to work. He would split wood at the shop for hours.

Sterling and his sister played soccer. Della also played basketball.

Kaynor Tech officials released a statement on Wednesday morning.

"Our hearts go out to the students' family and friends during this difficult time," said Kerry Markey, director of communications, Connecticut Technical Education and Career System. "There is nothing worse that can happen to a school community. Our number one priority right now is doing all we can to support our students, staff and families through this crisis. Prior to the start of the school day, Kaynor Tech assembled the school's crisis team. The team will provide grief counseling to students and anyone in the school community who may need it over the coming days."

A crisis team of counselors was also available at Swift Middle School in Watertown, where the victims attended school when their father committed suicide in 2016.

Investigators said the family also has close ties to the school community in Woodbury.

A vigil is being held Friday night at 6 p.m. at Veterans Memorial Park in Watertown. Attendees are encouraged to bring a candle to light.

Stay with Channel 3 for updates.


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(40) comments


Never ever move a man in with your kids unless he is ready to marry you and get serious. Especially if you have girls.


It amazes the comments on this page from people who have no idea what happened, weren't there, knew this family and interacted with them recently, but all have facts about what happened. For the record, SHE DID NOT RUN AWAY! SHE WAS GIVING CPR THE ENTIRE TIME! I heard the entire call on the scanner and she was attending to her daughter with dispatch when shots were fired. Is it possible to show some Kindness for this grieving woman and slam her later for whatever choices she made. WE ALL make mistakes, none of us are perfect! What matters NOW is the FAMILY and FRIENDS of these beautiful children! Please I implore you to just be kind. There will be plenty of time to judge, but that time is not now!

Well Educated Liberal

It's not the argument, it's not the mother, it's not the smoking, it's THE GUN!!! IT'S THE GUN YOU STUPID REPUKES!!! Ban guns and this NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!! Enough is enough. Cannot wait until Elizabeth and Kamala are in charge and drumpf and the rest of the deplorable inbreed rethugliklans are locked up.

#Warren/Harris2020 #HillaryisMYPresident #I'mStillWithHer #neverdrumpf #resist #impeach #LockHimUp #FreedomFromReligion #BanAllGuns #PositivelyBlue #VoteBlueNoMatterWho


Can you tell me where you buy your bait? Seems pretty quality.


Leave it to some dense-headed, ignorant liberal to make this into a gun law/political debate right away. Get over yourself. You are the WORST type of person and YOU are whats wrong in society today. Some lady just lost her 2 children in a terrible tragedy and all you can care about is your political beliefs. Get a clue and have some common human decency you ignorant swine. You act like your opinion is over everyone else's and its actually going to make a difference in how the world works. Brainwashed idiot.


It has nothing to do with the guns. Typical that one would go there before the services have even taken place. For someone who has an issue with deplorables, I find it ironic that your comment couldn't be more deplorable! The Universe has a way of dealing with insensitive arrogant people who think they are perfect, its called Karma. You have no idea what happened in that house, you have no idea where the gun came from! While he should have not had access to a fun, maybe you should wait for the facts to come out.


Such a DA comment on your part. I'm sure all the criminals will turn in their guns when Kamala and Elizabeth make them illegal. Get a clue before you post


What a joke. I tell the truth about this situation and channelm3 removes my comments. Let’s see if these get posted? If not let’s watch channel

NBC tomorrow am

In Connecticut and know the truth


I am stunned by your comments. First of all you need to get your facts straight! Dani did NOT run away, she was giving CPR the entire time on the phone with Dispatch!!! The only place she ran was to get a phone! You state that she wasn't a good Mom, IF and that's a big IF What did you do??? Did you report it? Did you tell anyone? Did you try to help or did you just sit back and do nothing? Because if what you are saying is true, which I doubt it is since you don't even have the facts straight as to what happened, then YOU are just as responsible for not doing anything when you had the chance and there is blood on your hands!. Why didn't YOU do something?? Have you seen her lately? Have you seen the kids lately? Were you part of there lives lately? Because if you weren't, you really know nothing. The funny thing about judgement and victim blaming is that it always comes back to you! So if something tragic happens in your life, and you are asking yourself why, look no further than your cruel, cold, calculated, ignorant, insensitive, self serving post. For your sake I pray the world shows more mercy to you than you have shown Dani. I think your 15 mins is up!


I’ve know the mom since the kids were born. She has always put herself first. She has hung around sketchy characters forever. I lived in the apartment next to her and Della and sterling would come to my place bc mom didn’t pay attention to them or feed them. I made many meals for them. They watched tv at my house bc they didn’t get care where they were. Mom was only interested in her “needs” if you know what I mean. Drugs too. This woman put herself before her kids. This guy violently raped a woman he was living with. A felon. Should never been dating him let alone move in. Mom. You RAN away when your kids were dying. You deserve what you are now faced with bc YOU, and only you put your kids in this place to get killed. I’m glad you didn’t get killed so you have to think about how you basically killed your children by your actions.

Judge me if you want. You don’t know what I know and you don’t know them personally


Why can't you offer your condolences Instead you are being hateful to her. You have to realize her husband killed himself 3 years ago she will never recover from something like that let alone her kids. You just typing this is gonna make her wanna end her life. Is that what you really want. sure you might have some "inside info" but you really think shes gonna wanna live with with this grief no. So I believe the best thing to do is support her.


I really dont think she was thinking about those children when she walked away, A good mother would have don whatever she had to , to get that gun from that man . Not just let him shoot both of them.Plus he wasnt supposed have guns, Why would she keep them in her house knowing this??


She did NOT walk or run away! She was giving CPR to her daughter! It is verified on the 911 call. Don't believe everything you read.


Exactly! This is time to support and be kind. Thank you for being one of the few with a brain.


I'm so sorry for your loss I don't know you but I understand your comment. How a woman could put her children in a situation like this is horrible. I'm sorry but my children have always come first. When I got together with my hubby 12 years ago I straight out told him my children will always come first , And if you don't like that you need to walk now because it will never change . Plus when you meet someone in todays world you need to do a backround check especially when you have children. I do question why is she the only one that didn't get shot ? Was this a set up ?


I hear you saying you are sorry for her loss but then judging her in the same breath. No one knows what happened in that home, and victim blaming before the bodies of these precious children are even cold is horrible! Until all the facts come out why can't people just pray, and send light to this Mom for this horrible tragedy. A set up??? Seriously? No, No set up because when the shots were fired, she was already on the phone with dispatch. And yes I heard the entire thread on the scanner. Please just pray for this woman, crucify her later.


Congrats, "Nojidgement," you're officially the jerk of the year. Saying a mother deserves to have her children murdered definitely put you in the top 5 but trash-talking her while you were at it really added to your performance. The real clincher is the fact that she hasn't even buried her children's dead bodies yet. Bravo - I hope you're proud.

Seriously folks, have some decency.


Thank you!!!! Nojudgement doesn't have her facts correct. She is simply looking for her 15 min of fame, why else would she call another station and announce it on this site? The Mom and her Mom did everything they could to save these kids, no set up, no one running, a tragic tragic situation that had a tragic ending.


I don't believe you.


You are right NOT to believe.


Thank you for telling us the truth, which many of us sumized. [sad]


That is not the truth, its a comment from someone who knew her and thinks she Knows exactly what happened. SHE DID NOT RUN AWAY! She was doing CPR the entire time. As for what may have transpired years ago, are we to believe that people don't change or maybe someone deserves a second chance? I certainly hope I'm not the same person I was 2 years ago let alone 15. 2 Bright Lights were extinguished out by someone who apparently snapped. He is the one to blame here, he shot the children. There will be plenty of time for this to all get sorted out, but how about for now we show the Mom some kindness, some support and let her get through what will be the very worst days of her life. Lets let her bury her children in peace.


Granted we can't verify your facts, I know what it's like to have a parent bring home shady friends and lovers. It's awful and it shows that these two kids did not agree with the relationship. At the end of the day the mother is still culpable and I cannot believe people are defending her. Put it this way, if the state appointed a child to someone with a bad past and they abuse the child everyone is going to blame the parent AND find the state culpable because they dropped the ball and placed a child with someone they should not have. She allowed a fellon to move in and neither of them could respect the kids. I know I'd rather be single the rest of my life if it mean't keeping my kids safe. End of story folks!


Its so easy to judge when you haven't walked in one's shoes. For all we know, the children liked him and this was just a single bone of contention. For all we know they were a happy family and suddenly the boyfriend snapped. We have NO idea what went on in that house that night or in the last two years, so why speculate? To what end? Did you know that 8 out 10 people out there over the age of 40 have a felony? I'm not defended the boyfriend, he can rot, but please show some remorse and give this Mom a break until the facts can be verified when they release ALL the information.


Nice going, "Mom."


My condolences to the family and friends, and to the people who are putting blame towards anyone whatever happened to just being there for people when they need love and support from the community around them? Blame shouldn't be thrown around blindly, the past is in the past, 5 years is enough for anyone to change, so ignore that and be there for Della and Sterling's mother and other family members who lost two great children!


To Della and Sterling's mom, family and friends, I am so sorry for your loss. May you find some comfort and peace in each other's arms, and in your shared memories of how wonderful they were.


What kind of parent runs away from the danger their children are in


Mom's boyfriend! Always mom's boyfriend. Are these women so desperate for a man that they take these kinds of men into their lives...............now look at the horror she faces for the rest of her life...............sooooooooo sad for the children!!


Seriously? You are going to put blame on the mother in this? The mother of 2 kids who are now dead? You should be ashamed of yourself.


I absolutely feel for the mother that just lost her two children to this monster. However, she let the monster into her home and it appears there were red flags with this guy. The whole situation is just so sad and sickening.


If you personally knew her you wouldn’t have made the comment. She put her kids in this situation and she knew it.


Do you mean to tell me that the mother had no inkling as to what kind of person he was? No instincts? Well that is sad!!!


Very sad for the kids 😭 they lost their life for nothing cuz the ( mom ) Puts a stranger shut 🤬 in her family life. 😩😔


Anma yes I agree with you. You "get" it...................


dyerseve: You mean to say that the mom had no inkling that her boyfriend had bad problems? What happened to a mother's instinct??????


I mean this person isn’t wrong. Letting a convicted felon into your home and not thinking about your kids safety is eh. Also not listening to your kids about him is eh. Definitely a tragedy but maybe this will open eyes to not let love blind you and start caring about how your peers feel about who you’re dating because 90% of the time the people around you are right about who you are dating


I totally agree with you.........You also get "it".

rick be

Some women just adore bad boys....


You are so right!!

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