Controversy over comments made by owner of local spice shop

Penzy's Spices (WFSB)

A local store known for its unique spices finds itself in the middle of its owner’s political views.

The owner of Penzey’s Spices is taking to social media to share his views of the president, but he’s offending customers in the process.

Whether it's cinnamon sticks or unique seasoning blends, customers like the Chipmans used to have to order Penzey's Spices by mail.

Now they look forward to visiting this West Hartford store

“We've been coming here pretty much since this opened,” said Gary Chipman, of Suffield.

The Wisconsin-based owner Bill Penzey is not shy about his political views, nor mixing them with the operations of his storefronts.

This week, Penzey took to Facebook to offer discounted garlic, and at the same time, called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

On Facebook, he said “the time has come for Americans of both parties to unite in the call for the president to leave office.”

He justified his post with the following: "because of the nature of where cooking lives in our lives, we can. And if not us, who?"

While the Chipmans weren't bothered by the post, others were.

The post was shared by over 7,000 people on Facebook with more than 3,000 weighing in with comments.

Patty Spencer wrote "Love your spices. Not a fan of your political opinion. On your personal page, fine, a business page - not so much.”

Dama Nestor wrote "your political views are one of the main reasons I support your store."

Channel 3 reached out to Bill Penzey himself to find out if he's concerned about offending customers, but as of Tuesday, hadn’t heard back.

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