WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) - A suspected incident of a bed bug was reported at Crosby High School, according to school officials.

A letter was sent home to parents at both Crosby and Wallace Middle School, as they are located on the same campus.

"School staff immediately addressed the issue and collaborated with the City Health Department and the School Facilities Division," the letter read. "Cleaning of all potentially impacted areas has been undertaken and follow-up inspections and remediation will be undertaken as necessary."

School officials said there is no risk to students, staff or visitors.

"So, then I went to class and I was like, 'alright I have to tell my mom because I can't stay here' so I called my mom and she said I could go home," said Tajionna Staten, a student. 

They called bed bugs common. School officials also said the cases are isolated and came fro outside the school.

"They do not transmit disease and pose no immediate health risk to humans," the letter continued. "Any suspected bite should be checked by a health professional and treated accordingly."

This marked fourth case of bed bugs at a city school in less than a month.

Bed bugs were found at the Career Academy three times.

The district said it will continue to carry out inspections and remediation will begin as necessary.

Channel 3 will have more on this story starting at 5 p.m.

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Why am I not surprised ? Isn't Waterbury, like other urban centers in Connecticut, teaming with 3rd world type "refugees" ??? There haven't been begbugs in this country for over 75 years, until the surges began coming in.

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